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Frequently Asked Roofing Questions With J. Carnes and Son Roofing!

Seamless gutters are manufactured on site. Seams are minimized & gutters are custom fit. They are manufactured directly–we bring a metal gutter onsite. They control drainage by directing water away from your foundation, help minimize rot, stop basement leaks, & preserve landscaping. The faster screws are hidden & screwed into the fascia board, which increases the gutter’s lifespan. Old gutters were installed with a nail and pulled away from the roof in the winter.

Fiberglass shingles are the best. We install three fiberglass singles here.  The best fiberglass shingles are architectural. All of our shingle roofs come with a 10-year warranty on workmanship. The customer can then purchase a lifetime warranty (manufacturer defects) from the shingle manufacturer.

Your roof needs to be replaced when around ⅓ of it is compromised. Imagine you have a $12,000 roof. If the repair needed to keep your roof is over 3 or 4k, then it’s in your best interest to invest your money into a new roofing system, instead of the old one.

Condensation comes from moisture in attics that cannot escape. It can sometimes be a byproduct of poor ventilation in the roof. We have also seen this as a result of bathrooms that have not been properly vented. Condensation can cause insulation and walls to get wet. If the problem continues to occur, water damage and mold can happen.

Ventilation on your roof is important for three reasons:

  1.  It is a requirement by manufacturers for their lifetime warranty.
  2. It is required by national building code. There are building codes that require you to have ventilation for your roof, depending on the square footage of your attic space.
  3. Ventilation releases heat buildup.  Without ventilation, this hot, humid air remains in your attic and can create ice dams on your roof through the winter. It can also make your HVAC system work harder to cool your house.


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We are very proud of our numbers. Each project is unique and represents our dedication to excellence.

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Happy Customers
Square Feet Of Roofing Installed Last Year
Happy Customers

The entire team is exceptional, and we are truly grateful to have worked with an amazing company. Tyler came out when promised and followed up promptly with estimates. Crew showed up and worked hard until the project was completed. Chris was there to help with installation of skylights and very easy to work with. Kenny was so willing to accommodate anything we needed which was so wonderful just dealing with someone like him. The entire team is truly exceptional!

Noel Soucy

I was very pleased with the professional way that my roof install went, and the dedication that the guys had to get the job done. I would recommend J.Carnes & Son Roofing to anyone would want the job done right.
Thanks Again

Maurice Doiron

Outstanding communication! Emails from multiple members of this team regularly throughout the process. Text messages notifying me of important emails. Accurate quotes that did not change. Got us on the schedule fast. They Showed up on time and were done before 4pm. Great clean up! It was like they were never here…other than the new roof!

Shannon Stone