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How To Save Money With Roof Shoveling

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When you own a home in New Hampshire, you expect to deal with snow removal in the wintertime. One area where snow tends to pile up in a hazardous and difficult-to-access way is the roof. Hiring a professional experienced in residential snow removal may seem like an unnecessary expense, but it can save you money over the long term on costs related to:

Water Intrusions

If your attic isn’t well-ventilated and insulated, heat escaping from the living space can melt rooftop snow, which refreezes down by the eaves. When this happens repeatedly, ice dams form along the eaves and gutters and block further runoff. When water can’t escape it will back up under the roofing material or into the attic and exterior walls. This can leave you facing the repair or replacement of damaged exterior cladding, ruined drywall, saturated attic insulation, or corroded electrical and HVAC system components.

Structural Deterioration

Water from ice dam backups which collects in the attic can decay and rot the framing and compromise the integrity of your roof. If the weight of heavy, wet snow puts too much strain on the structure, the result can be roof sagging or even a partial or complete collapse.

Roofing Damage

In addition to structural damage from heavy snow and leaks, there may be repairs needed to fix lifted shingles, ruined underlayment, and/or decayed decking when backed-up water gets underneath your roof edge.

Mold Growth

Mold thrives in areas where moisture accumulates, so backups from ice damming can lead to mold growth in your attic and inside walls and ceilings. Mold is a known health hazard and getting rid of it often involves expensive, specialized remediation.

Interior Damage

Leaks from rooftop snow buildup and ice dams can damage your home’s interior finishes. Depending on the extent of the leaks you have to deal with peeling, discolored paint and wallpaper, warped wood trim and floors, corroding light fixtures, and stained, musty-smelling carpeting.

Insurance Deductibles and Premium Increases

Your homeowners’ insurance will likely cover the cost of repairing damage to your home, but only after you pay your deductible. At your next renewal, you also may discover your damage claim has caused a hike in your premium.

If you’d like to prevent damage to your home, and avoid unnecessary headaches and expenses, contact us at J. Carnes & Son Roofing for expert residential snow removal.