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Discover the Benefits of Rubber Roofing with Certified Carlisle Products

Rubber Roof

When it comes to selecting the ideal roofing material for your residential property, numerous factors must be considered, including durability, weather resistance, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. Rubber roofing, particularly the certified Carlisle line, has gained increasing popularity among homeowners due to its distinct advantages over traditional roofing materials such as asphalt shingles or wood shakes. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of utilizing Carlisle’s certified Rubber Roofing materials for your roofing project, as well as tips for partnering with a trusted and experienced roofing contractor to ensure a professional and high-quality installation.

Rubber roofing, also known as EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) roofing, is a synthetic single-ply membrane that has been widely used in commercial and industrial settings for decades. In recent years, innovative advancements and the growing environmental consciousness among homeowners have propelled rubber roofing’s popularity in the residential sector. Carlisle’s certified Rubber Roofing products hold the highest industry standards for quality, performance, and durability, providing an excellent solution for those seeking a long-lasting and practical roofing option for their homes.

One of the most significant benefits of Carlisle’s Rubber Roofing materials is their extraordinary durability. With a typical lifespan of over 30 years, rubber roofs can withstand the challenges of extreme weather conditions, including heavy rain, snow, hail, and high winds. Furthermore, rubber roofs are also resistant to leaks and punctures and can be easily repaired should any damage occur.

In addition to being incredibly durable, Carlisle’s Rubber Roofing materials also offer excellent energy efficiency. The material’s natural insulating properties effectively reduce heat transfer and can lower your home’s energy consumption during both hot and cold seasons. Alongside the energy efficiency benefits, rubber roofing materials also contribute to a more sustainable construction process due to their recyclable nature and reduced carbon footprint.

Discover the Benefits of Rubber Roofing with Certified Carlisle Products

Ease of Installation and Maintenance

One of the primary advantages of choosing rubber roofing—particularly when opting for Carlisle’s certified products—is the ease of installation and maintenance. Rubber roofing materials are typically lightweight and flexible, which simplifies the installation process. Professional roofing contractors with experience in rubber roofing installation can complete projects relatively quickly compared to other roofing materials, saving both time and labor costs.

When it comes to maintenance, a properly installed rubber roof requires minimal effort to keep it in excellent condition. Regular inspections to check for any damage or potential issues are recommended. However, rubber roofs are inherently low-maintenance, rarely requiring significant repairs or maintenance work. Additionally, the repair process, when needed, is typically straightforward and cost-effective.

Cost and Environmental Advantages

Rubber roofing materials are known for their cost efficiency, striking an ideal balance between quality and affordability. While the initial investment might be slightly higher than some traditional roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles, rubber roofing’s longevity, and low maintenance requirements can lead to long-term cost savings.

Furthermore, rubber roofing materials contribute positively to environmental sustainability. Carlisle’s certified Rubber Roofing materials are developed with sustainable manufacturing processes and designed to be environmentally responsible. Furthermore, when the time comes to replace a rubber roof, the materials can often be recycled and reused, reducing environmental waste and supporting eco-conscious practices.

Aesthetics and Design Flexibility

While functionality and cost efficiency are crucial factors in choosing a roofing material, aesthetics also play a significant role in many homeowners’ decision-making processes. Rubber roofing materials come in a variety of colors and designs, offering a surprising amount of flexibility to suit various home styles and preferences. Whether you prefer a minimalist or contemporary design or a more traditional aesthetic, rubber roofing can be tailored to suit your home’s unique look and blend harmoniously with other architectural elements.

Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor

To ensure a successful and professional rubber roofing installation, choosing the right roofing contractor is crucial. Consider the following factors when selecting a contractor to install your Carlisle certified Rubber Roof:

1. Experience – Prioritize contractors with extensive experience in rubber roofing installation to ensure proper installation techniques, leading to long-lasting performance.

2. Certifications – Confirm the contractor is certified in Carlisle’s Rubber Roofing products for an assurance of quality materials and industry-standard installation methods.

3. Reviews and Testimonials – Research previous clients’ reviews and testimonials to gauge the contractor’s reputation and quality of work.

4. Warranty – Inquire about available warranties on both materials and labor, ensuring your investment is protected in the event of any issues.


Carlisle’s certified Rubber Roofing materials present an advantageous option for homeowners seeking a durable, energy-efficient, and environmentally sustainable roofing solution. By choosing a professional and experienced contractor to install your rubber roof, you can unlock the numerous benefits rubber roofing has to offer while elevating the appearance, comfort, and longevity of your home.

Carnes & Son Roofing is a trusted residential roofing contractor in New Hampshire and Southern Maine, specializing in the installation of certified Carlisle Rubber Roofing products. Combining our expertise and high-quality materials, we aim to provide exceptional service and a secure, energy-efficient roofing solution to our clients. Contact us today to learn more about how Carlisle’s Rubber Roofing materials can benefit your home and enhance your property’s value.