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3 Benefits Of The Owens Corning Roof System

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When you look at your roof, it’s easy to assume it’s one big, single piece. It just goes to show you there’s more to a roof than meets the eye. When the roof is manufactured by Owens Corning, it features an integrated system of layers and components that helps it perform in three critical ways: sealing, defending, and breathing.

Why sealing is important

Sealing helps create a waterproof barrier – one of the fundamental goals of any roof. Proper sealing does more than stop driving rain from entering your home. It also blocks the slow drips of water which so often lead to rot and mold – and potentially thousands of dollars in damage.

A waterproof barrier also protects a roof from water which tends to collect in the valleys, vents, skylights, and near the chimney. By blunting water accumulation, a proper barrier can also blunt the formation of ice dams – ice ridges that form when water freezes on a roof.

Why defending is important

Defending your roof and home against the outdoor elements is no small feat. You may think rain is the toughest element a roof must stand up to, but it’s really the constant presence of the wind. Naturally, winds whipped up in storms can tax a roof. You’ve probably seen proof of this in shingles strewn about your yard after a particularly ferocious rainstorm. But it’s those steady breezes and occasional wind gusts that place the greatest stress on the shingles.

An Owens Corning roof defends against shingle “blow-offs,” as well as the ensuing water infiltration which occurs in vulnerable regions, especially the eaves and peaks.

Why breathing is important

It’s easy to forget that a roof needs to breathe – in other words, to be ventilated. Even in cold weather, there should be a consistent flow of air. It not only moderates temperatures but also guards against heat and moisture buildup.

A roof “breathes” with the help of intake vents that bring fresh air into an attic and exhaust vents that usher it out. It can be a delicate balance, but one that can be achieved when you have the right roofing expert working on your behalf.

Hampton Falls homeowners know they can depend on the experts at J. Carnes & Son Roofing to install the industry gold standard: an Owens Corning roof. You can, too, when you choose us to install your Owens Corning roof.