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What You Need to Know about Low Slope Roofs and Leaking

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Low slope roofs work well on many commercial buildings. Low slope roofs are relatively cheaper to install, easier and safer to clean than high-pitched roofs, and can last decades.

Despite the list of benefits associated with low slope roofs, this type of roofing system has drawbacks. Low slope roofs are susceptible to leaks as water tends to stagnate on the flatter surface of the roof. However, this situation is preventable and treatable with regular inspection and maintenance.

Common Causes of Leaks in Low Slope Roofs and How to Rectify Them

1. Poor Drainage

Ponding is the greatest issue of concern for property managers or business owners. Though low slope roofs are designed to allow water to find its way to the gutters and other drain points, water can stand on the rooftop for 24 hours due to poor drainage. This situation leads to the additional weight on the roof, making it vulnerable to leaks and damage.

Keep your roof clean and clear of debris. Don’t allow piles of wet leaves stay on the roof; remove them as quickly as possible. Ensure the gutters and downspouts are cleaned regularly. Finally, contact New Hampshire Roofing Contractors to install more drainage lines and fix low spots on your roof.

2. Improper Workmanship

The main cause of water leaks in low slope roofs is human error. If the coating is not sealed correctly or a mistake is made during installation, it can lead to future leakage.

To avoid this problem, hire a professional roofer who understands low slope roofs. Pros know the best techniques to increase the waterproof property of your roofing system.

3. Unqualified People on Your Roof

Since flat roofs offer adequate space for the installation of solar panels and rooftop gardens, allowing unqualified technicians to perform any task on your roof can lead to costly damage. 

For instance, installing rooftop equipment could create holes in the roof that’d cause water leakage during the rainy season. Be sure you hire the right person for the job and consider the age of your roof before installing any equipment—the older the roof, the more likely it is to develop leaks.

Are you looking for experts to fix your flat roof leaks? Contact J. Carnes & Son Roofing at 603-686-7763 for top-notch roofing services in New Hampshire.