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When is the Best Time for Low Slope Roof Repairs?

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While flat roofs have slopes up to 2 inches per foot, low slope roofs have pitches of 2 or 3 inches per foot. Both types of roofing are subject to leaks, especially as they age. One way to tell if it’s time for a low slope roof repair is to ask yourself when the roof was last inspected. If the answer is “decades ago” or “can’t remember,” it’s time for at least an inspection. 

How Low Sloped Roofs Develop Leaks

Any leak for any type of roof should be taken seriously since it can keep growing if it isn’t fixed in the early stages. Several different factors can cause leaks, such as poor installation, loosely attached seams or flashing, and severe wind damage. Once you notice water drips in your home or moisture on the walls or ceiling, it’s definitely time to call a professional contractor for an evaluation of what needs to be done. 

The more moisture spreads, the more it can degrade wood and attract mold and mildew. By that point, the damage will start to get expensive if you don’t act quickly. One of the problems with a low sloped roof is water accumulation can drain slowly. While modern versions of this roofing are now made to resist water buildup due to membrane coverings, older low sloped roofs still present drainage problems. 

Other causes of leaks and roof damage include UV rays from the sun, the combination of freezing and thawing or frequent expansion and contraction from temperature changes. Excessive water can also accelerate the lifespan of asphalt materials on your rooftop.

Signs Repair Work Is Necessary

One of the key indicators that a low sloped roof needs repair is when it begins to sag and lose its 10 to 14-degree angle. As this angle diminishes, it becomes more difficult for the water to drain, forming ponds. Commercial building owners who allow vehicles to drive on the roof are just adding weight which could lead to or worsen the sagging of the wood supporting the roof. By then you should call a dependable roofing specialist who understands low slopes for a thorough inspection.

Low sloped roofs automatically have slower water drainage systems than sloped roofs. Contact us at J. Carnes & Son Roofing to learn more about how we can preserve the life of your roof.