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5 Things You Should Know About Roof Warranties

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A lot goes into purchasing and installing a new roof. Many people concentrate on the quality and the aesthetic part of the roof. They forget about one crucial aspect – the warranty! If you have no clue about warranties, this post is for you. Read on to discover 5 things you should know before making this important purchase.

1. Manufacturer and contractor roof warranties are different

Just as the name suggests, a manufacturer warranty is one from the main manufacturer. You get it when you purchase the product. On the other hand, is the contractor’s roof warranty. This one covers the workmanship. If there are any leaks or issues with installation, your contractor is obligated to repair them under this warranty.

2. Details of a warranty can vary

Don’t assume your manufacturer’s warranty covers the entire roofing system. This is rarely the case. Some warranties may cover the whole system, but it is more likely it only covers defective materials. Defective material can be hard to prove, so having more than the manufacturer’s warranty is needed. Even your roofer’s warranty can vary in what it covers. Training and certification can change the warranty drastically.

3. Warranties may or may not be transferable

If you have a transferable warranty, it means you can pass it on to another owner if you sell your home. This is an important detail to consider if you are not looking to settle permanently in the house. Details of transferring can also vary, reducing the rate of coverage for the next owner.

4. Quality of a roofing company matters a lot

Generally, new companies won’t guarantee you coverage over long periods of time. They may even go out of business long before you need repairs. As a rule of thumb, consider well-known companies that have been around for years for roofing solutions. They have a history to provide greater warranties.

5. Learn about money limits

Many roof warranties don’t have a specific monetary limit. They are referred to as No Dollar Limit warranties. However, there are some that cap repair cost at the original price of the roof, or per square foot (Penal Sum Warranty). Don’t forget to keep an eye on nullification and exclusion clauses.

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