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How To Know If Insurance Will Cover Ice Dam Damage

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Does your homeowner’s insurance policy cover roof repairs or replacement as the result of ice dams? While a quick perusal of the internet may lead you to believe, “yes” it’s worth a call to your insurance carrier to verify.

Not All Homeowners Insurance Policies Cover Ice Dam Damage

As a New Hampshire homeowner, your homeowner’s policy should cover at least the removal of ice dams, if not the removal and repair costs. Some insurance plans cover both ice dam removal as well as repairs. Others only cover removal as preventative maintenance, leaving you to cover the costs of any damage resulting from ice dams left in place. Inadequate insurance policies may not cover ice dam removal or repairs at all.

Not sure about your policy’s ice dam clauses? Give your insurance agent a call ASAP to review your policy’s coverage.

Ice Dams Lead to Expensive Repair & Replacement Costs

The formation of ice dams poses considerable risk to your roof and, therefore, the structural integrity of your home. The continual freeze-thaw-refreeze cycle of an ice dam eventually results in water leaks requiring professional roof repair. If you catch leaks early repairs are simpler and more affordable. Leaks caught later in the game require more expensive repairs, possibly even an entire roof replacement.

Preventing Ice Dams is the Best Solution

The best way to prevent leaks and ice-related roof issues is to prevent ice dams altogether.

  • Performing routine roof maintenance (gutter cleaning, visual inspections, immediate attention to repair needs, etc.)
  • Update inadequate attic insulation
  • Close-up attic bypasses
  • Schedule a professional roof inspection to see if improvements/updates are recommended
  • Add roof and soffit vents
  • Remove snow from the roof

Having an ice and water shield membrane installed is another measure of protection. It won’t stop ice dams from forming but is in place to help protect your home from leaks. It is installed on your decking up to 6 feet up from the edge. The purpose is to seal fasteners on your roof.

All of these features rely on you selecting the best professional roofer for the job, resulting in a high-quality roof designed to perform for our region’s specific climate challenges.

Ready to keep your roof clear of ice dams? Contact the team here at J. Carnes & Son Roofing to schedule roof shoveling after a storm. We’re happy to work with most major homeowners insurance and provide competitive pricing if your policy leaves you in the lurch.