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3 Reasons Why Attic Ventilation Is Very Important

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Proper attic ventilation is vital for saving money on energy costs and for the health of your family. Your roofing, no matter how well installed, should be periodically inspected, especially after a heavy storm, to catch minor leaks and other issues before they develop into major problems. Here are three key reasons you need to make sure your attic ventilation is in top condition.

1. Ventilation Affects Roof Life

The life span of your roof is directly related to how well you take care of it. Maintaining proper ventilation in the attic is a key factor. If the attic gets too heated in the summer it can lead to moisture that contributes to the degradation of wood and other roofing materials.

Moisture attracts mold and other contaminants, which is unhealthy and causes roof damage to spread. It also causes condensation, which makes metal rust. Adequate airflow is necessary to prevent the buildup of heat and moisture in the attic. Too much heat leads to the cracking of roofing materials.

2. Frozen Gutters in the Winter

If too much heat is trapped in the attic during colder months you run the risk of dealing with problems such as ice dams. A warm attic and roof decking leads to snow and ice melting at the ridge and the resulting water flowing down the gutters and eaves to refreeze. As ice backs up under the roofing system, frozen gutters cause damage to walls and ceilings. It’s best to have a certified professional inspect the roof after a severe storm to make sure ice dams have been cleared.

3. Attic Heat Affects Energy Costs

Letting heat build in the attic not only shortens the lifespan of a roof, but it also leads to higher energy bills, as you tend to use the air conditioning more in the summer. The hotter the attic gets the more heat transfers back into the home. Understanding this process is crucial to preventing costly maintenance bills down the road. Combining this knowledge with energy conservation measures will help keep energy bills to a minimum.

Part of ensuring your roof has a long life is routinely monitoring the temperature of the attic. Preventing the attic from overheating and making sure it has proper insulation and ventilation are keys to your roof’s longevity. Contact us here at J. Carnes & Sons Roofing to learn more about optimizing your home for energy efficiency.